SEO Training in Karachi & Learn the Most Important SEO Basic elements:

I wanted to give my readers to some basic information about SEO, Based on the most important factors how you can bring the immediate effect on your website and get improve the ranking Therefore I decided to write some fundamentals of Search Engine optimization.

seo training in karachi

3dddigital offers SEO training in Karachi which mainly purpose is to educate student s about SEO useful benefits and with the help of such features how they can obtain their desired outcome in the digital world. Reason to conduct online SEO training in Karachi is to deliver SEO classes in our own local Urdu language Recently our experts conducted a research and we found due to language barriers students are not able to understand well about SEO even they are interested but due to this barrier they could not focus on this domain therefore we planned to offer SEO training in Urdu to our all users in Karachi or overall Pakistan to achieve their dreams and goals.

Learn the most important SEO Basic elements:

Here we cover the following topics:

  1. Who is this guide for?
  2. What is SEO?
  3. Why my website need SEO?
  4. What I can do with the help of SEO?
  5. Most important elements of SEO for driving traffic at your site.
  6. On-page optimization:
  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • For Word Press sites

7. Other On-site optimization factors:

  • Internal linking
  • Header tags
  • Image name with ALT Tags
  • Bolded content
  • Quality content needed

8. Off-page optimization:

  • Organic link
  • White hat
  • Black hat
  • Guest posting
  • Create Accounts on Social Media
  • Create a worthy links with info graphic
  • Submit site in your niche directory

9. Social Channels:

  • Facebook:
  • Google+

10. Final conclusion:

 Who is this guide for?

This guide is specially for who are new to SEO and eager to learn about SEO either you are marketing student, business student or any other field SEO Services in Karachi will help you in every way of life furthermore if you have done your education and stepped into your professional career stage then SEO skill helps you to get a SEO jobs, In addition through SEO Training you may start your own business OR if you are writer then you can optimize your web pages and content accordingly Google, which ultimately improve your ranking, increase your website traffic in the result your website will pay you off well in future. Lastly if you are planning to earn from AdSense then SEO training is only the way that can support you to earn from AdSense as you apply SEO then through higher traffic at your site will also increase your earning. There are many other benefits once you have get complete SEO training then you can do lots of other thing which is in your mind.

What is SEO?

what is seo

SEO is a technique that focuses on increasing your visibility in organic search results. SEO required both elements technical and creative to improve your position in SERP it increase awareness and drive traffic. There are many elements involve in SEO from writing a quality content on your web page and others linking to your web pages. SEO is a matter how well your website is structured and how easy to understand for search engine.

SEO is not only to create a friendly website. It’s about how well you serve the users through your websites. At 3dddigital we will guide you these principles in detailed.

This guide provide you the basics of SEO in detailed – from keyword research which is important to generate traffic, to making your site friendly, to building internal and external links and marketing the distinctive worth of your site.

 Why my website need SEO?

why do i need seo

The major search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing! Who provides maximum traffic to your site.

Although social media and other channels can also drive traffic to your website but search engines are the main sources to drive relevant users, whether you offer product, content, service or any other information.

This is the one way that sends unique traffic at your site – people who are looking for something then search engine is the way that makes this happen. If search engine is not able to find your site, content from its database that shows you are missing out lots of incredible opportunities to drive traffic to your website.

 What I can do with the help of SEO?

There are many benefits of SEO training we  already have discussed some of SEO benefits in our above paragraph but here I explain some of other additional SEO Training benefits, the major reason of getting SEO training is, SEO world is evolving very rapidly and it changed a lot than before and time to time every company is realizing SEO is a good source of getting quality and proactive users who already convinced and looking for their product and services based on this research, companies are creating 1000s of SEO related jobs in the market so it’s a great opportunity for those who are getting SEO training so they easily get the jobs in the field of SEO and it depend on the expertise you have companies will you off well.

Another major benefit of SEO training is, if you are running your website or you are planning to run a site in future, after having a sound knowledge and expertise you can remove your site error and which improves your ranking in SERP results, it drives more traffic to your site than before. According to our recent research usually people who are expert in SEO domain they started a job in any professional company beside job they are running their small sites which is also generating a good earning to them usually they find some affiliate websites and start promoting their products and based on  their performance and conversion affiliate website pay off them with a well commission and some of them start their own product and services, it shows SEO training will keep help you out in every way of your life it depend how you bring ideas and how you execute them using SEO skills to start earning well.


 Basics of SEO

Whenever companies think about the SEO they scared due to the amount of data out there. They don’t improve their site structure and site performance due to lacking of experienced in house SEO- consultant and in the result, they do nothing.

But today, we are going to tell you the basics of SEO which is quite easy to learn and simply implement on your site to get the fruitful improvements in a shorter period of time.

On-page optimization:

Some of the most important elements for SEO happen on your own website. You may hear a lot about link building (which we will get to in just a moment), but link building without good on-site search optimization isn’t going to be as effective. Here are the bare minimum on-site optimization elements you should put on each of your website’s main pages, including and especially the homepage.

There are many on-site elements which are required to improve at your own site, I know you heard about lots of building required to rank your site well we will discuss it later but here are some on-site optimization basics which you need to add at your every page and the most important at homepage.

Thumb rule of on-site optimization:

Usually people think adding lots of keywords on a single page boost your ranking on different search term but now this is not the case if you are thinking to do that don’t it reason is Google called this  keyword stuffing activity and you may suffer with the Google penalty the best practice is use around 6-7 keywords on single page for example if you want to target SEO training in Karachi, SEM Training in Karachi along this you can also add the similar keywords such as WordPress training Karachi, Social Media Training Karachi, SEO training courses in Karachi, online SEO training in Karachi, Digital Marketing training KarachiContent marketing training karachi.

If you are not sure what keyword you should use, try entering some keyword idea into Google Adword Keyword tools.

Title tag:

Title tags tell the search engine what the page is all about, it contains 70 characters or less and you can add your brand name, business and keywords that related to particular page only. This title tag comes between <head></head> tags.

title tag

Meta description:

Meta description provides a little bit more insights what this page is about. In SEO world there is debate going on Meta description factor can influence in keyword ranking, Other than all, you have to write Meta description for your targeted audience and you may add your keyword into your description which is highlighted in SERP results while showing your results on targeted search term.

The above shows that how title and meta description looks you can see the that keyword is searched from the searcher is bold and more highlighted in Meta title and description this also help to increase your click through rate as this results seems more relevant to users according to search query.

meta description

For Word Press sites:

If you are word press CMS based site then you edit Meta title and Meta description through these popular plugins All in one SEO and SEO by yoast.

Other On-site optimization factors:

Meta title and Meta description are the most important on-page factors but there are some more other on-page age factors that are required to execute on your page to perform better in SERP results.

Internal linking: we usually think in SEO we only have to perform External linking this is not case Internal linking also plays an important role it tells the Google that what this website is about and its other pages for example we are writing a content for SEO training in Karachi and in the same page I mention SEO training courses in Karachi and make this phrase a hyperlink so crawler read to this link and find this page is about SEO training course in Karachi, so whenever you create a post always link to that point with your other relevant content.

Header tags:

Often blog post use three different level of HTML header tags such as H1, H2 and H3. In mostly blog post H1 tag is used just for one time and H2 and H3 tags are use multiple time, this also provides the Google a clear structure and section of your content and it is easy for robot to digest information, we personally observed many websites owner used h1 tags on many places which is not a good practice in the light of Google guidelines.

header tags

Image name with ALT Tags:

If you are using images at your website so add their alt tag because alt tag easily read by crawler and understand what this image is about and whenever someone search the query and that query relates to your image alt tag so higher chance your images shows higher in SERP result and it drives good traffic to your site.

alt tags

Bolded Content:

Bold text doesn’t help you in getting higher ranking in SERP it just help in this way when you bolded you text it helps user to get higher attention to specific content and it would be easier for him to read your important information within a paragraph in addition, it also helps to search engine to distinguish your important information and keywords with in a content.

bold content

 Quality content needed:

In the world of SEO there is race of quality content, search engine loves the unique and quality content I know its required enough time and research to produce quality post but this time and investment would pay off well, Quality content love by human visitor and search engine, Google loves to add such content into index if you created quality post and useful for the users then people willing to share such post through their social channels to others , In this way the more your post highlight to the targeted audience it’s much easier to get quality backlinks from your niche.

Quality content could be number of stuff:

  • Industry new
  • Info graphics
  • How to guides & tutorials
  • Videos
  • Funny new
  • Controversial
  • Podcast

To stand out from the crowd you must have to come up with quality content because at the moment everyone understand to get quality links they must have to work on on-page element and produc quality content.

 Off-page optimization:

Link building is one of the factor in SERP which is required the real efforts the more website linking to your site in result you site gets higher ranking in SERP, These external links work as a vote for example if any site link back to you it shows to the search engine this site deserve more higher ranking in SERP for specific search term.

There are three kinds of link building:

Organic link: these are the link which is natural and search engine loves to find such links these links usually get when someone other website link back to you based on your quality post and you don’t need to beg them to link back your site.

White hat: This is actually come under the umbrella of good and quality links.

Black hat: these link are called spammy link, if your site gets the spammy link from the external site then higher chances are search engine penalize you in result, your ranking decrease and might be possible your all webpage get out of index.

For most of the site it’s really hard to generate quality backlinks therefore they used different way of link building some time they jumped into black hat techniques in certain cases although they know it could harm their site very badly usually it happened when any website owner who is not well aware of SEO but he takes an interest to have SEO for his site so third party agency use some black hat SEO technique and in result they bring keyword ranking for any specific search time very quickly but these ranking are just sustain for shorter period of time and lastly once search engine diagnose that this is performed black hat techniques so search engine hit penalty and your site removed from the index then it became really hard for any firm and SEO consultant to bring site out of the penalty. For your information you can get the quality link from the following ways.

 Guest posting: Guesting posting is actually you acquire the links from your same niche website who allow you write for them in against they allow you to add some links which is point to your site so it’s a right and easiest way to get quality links.

If you want to search for guest post website simply write in search this search phrase “SEO training in Karachi” intitile: write for us OR you may write intitle:guest post.

Create Accounts on Social Media: Whenever post the content always share the post on social channels because sharing the post also bring some influence in SERP ranking you must create an account on the following social channels such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter.

Create a worthy links with info graphic: Info graphic are very much useful in building links whenever you create any info graphic first of all share it with the relevant audience and keep an option to use code below other users can add the same info graphic at their site other than that add the info graphic at your site so the users who regularly follow your blog and missed any information while sharing info on social channels so users easily look at the latest info graphs at your site and may easily download to use them for their own site.

Submit site in your niche directory: This is another way of getting quality link find a relevant directories in your niches and add your site to such directories although search engine read the directories link little slower than other links but in long run it would provide you a good effect on your SERP ranking. But make sure don’t add your site into shaddy and spammy directories spammy directories are usually the one who offers or listed lots of links at their home page if you keep putting your site links in such directories it could harm your site in the long run and decreased the keyword ranking.

 Social Channels:


If you didn’t create the Business page of your site simply go to your normal profile and under log out there is an option with name “create a page” simple create a page and add your website and required information in this page and whatever or whenever you publish a post simply share the information so the users can look and acquire some good information from your post. Search engine added the social sharing factors in SERP ranking if your business page social credibility is quite good then search engine consider that your site is active and helpful for the users based on search engine rank your site better  than others.


If you are planning to dominate in Google then its mandatory that you create a business page on Google+ because it helps you rank better in search engine the major advantage and great feature of Google+ if you share any post in Google+ and your friend like post so the friends of friend whenever they search for SEO training in Karachi so they able to see your site ranking better than other but it only happens when they are logged in with Google Account. Below I made a query of SEO in search engine so I have the friends in my circle who offers SEO they are showing me in search results with their pictures.

Below is the snapshot where I logged out from Google+ account now feels the difference in result. In this regard, if any of your friend is looking related to your product or service which you offer and at the same he is logged in so he assuredly find your site in search with your picture and it automatically increases the click through rate and conversion.

 Final conclusion:

If you implement all the above listed advises then surely your traffic will increase through the search engine.

But after making a changes don’t expect the results in few second or minutes if your site is new then search take some time to read your website changes and store them into their database as crawler has to crawl billions of page so it take some time.

To get instant results people usually speed up the things don’t do that especially for the new site if Google find you in engaging such activities then you may punish very badly with penalty.

The best approach is:

  • Write the quality content that means write about what the users want.
  • Optimize at search engine so the people can easily find you.

Always remember, there is no shortcut available in SEO you have to show patient and you have to do keep working what search engine and users want so with the passage of time your site start is getting lots of organic traffic in the result it pay you off well in the future.

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